ACDC – Loose Flower Tea (Sifted)

ACDC - Loose Flower Tea (Sifted) from $39.00

ACDC x Otto II – Cannabis Sativa Industrial Hemp loose flower tea.

Mostly Hemp buds and flowers. (Flowers and buds are NOT trimmed/manicured. Dried buds contain seeds).

Each order is hand sifted to select the large and medium buds and remove most of the leaves. This results in a much higher potency of hemp by weight than standard hemp. (It takes over 2 pounds of regular unsifted hemp to make 1 pound of sifted buds = over $40 savings per pound).

The most potent hemp option available by weight. Use for tea, culinary, extractions, topicals and all methods of ingestion and use.

100% Organically grown. Zero pesticides. Zero synthetics. 

Dried hemp comes vacuum sealed.

INGREDIENTS: Cannabis Sativa industrial hemp seeded flowers & buds, + a few leaves.

  • Total CBD : 10.32 %

  • Total THC : 0.3 % dry

  • Moisture : 3.97 %

     Price: $59 / oz | $349 / pound

Sifted hemp by the ounce is all hand selected flower, not screened. Because of this, the ounces will have a higher ratio of choice buds.

State & third party test results available upon request. All orders are shipped with state compliant test results. All sales are made in accordance with Farm Bill 7606. 

All sales are completed in accordance with farm bill 7606. 

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