ACDC – Loose Leaf & Flower Tea (Unsifted)

ACDC - Loose Leaf & Flower Tea (Unsifted) $149.00

ACDC x Otto II – organic loose leaf & flower hemp tea. 

50/50 leaves & buds + seeds.

We offer 3 grades of the ACDC dried hemp – this is the middle grade option. 

Unlike our sifted hemp, (mostly buds), or our shake, (more leaves and small flowers) – Unsifted is a more or less equal ratio of flowers and leaves + some seeds. 

While plants were still in the ground, we stripped the flowers and leaves off the branches and dried the material on screens. This equals our unsifted hemp option. The whole plant, minus branches and sticks.

Use this starting material for every hemp use. Tea, culinary, extractions, topicals, pre-rolls and more!

INGREDIENTS: 100% Cannabis Sativa (industrial hemp flowers, buds, leaves & seeds).

Price: $195 / pound

All sales are completed in accordance with farm bill 7606. 

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