Full Spectrum Concentrate | Winterized

Full Spectrum Concentrate | Winterized from $79.00

Introducing our limited release, high CBD, full spectrum hemp concentrate!

Over 58% CBD | 70% total cannabinoids | High in terpenes | Organically grown |

A blend of the BaOx and Otto II strains, this winterized concentrate is a beautiful amber color with a striking terpene profile and over 70% total cannabinoids.

Through a proprietary, multi stage extraction process using food grade materials, we have produced a CBD rich, full spectrum concentrate – minus the fats and waxes. This process preserves all valuable cannabinoids, terpenes and other healing elements and makes the finished product versatile for many applications.

Useable right from the jar or dissolve into formulas to make your own healing tinctures, edibles and topical products.

DIY Tincture: Dissolve one gram of decarboxylated concentrate into one ounce of food grade oil or alcohol to make a 1000 mg tincture. Each drop will have approximately 1 mg of CBD and 0.08mg *THC. This is a great ratio.

*(only 45mg total THC in finished product 1 ounce product).

Excellent for dabbing. Although we can’t make any claims, our users have reported almost instant pain relief from this application method.

Over 58% CBD | 70% total cannabinoids | High in terpenes | Organically grown

Our farm-to-table approach ensures a short supply chain. This means you get a high quality, UNDILUTED concentrate at a lower price point. From our farm——->to you!

Concentrate is available in the following sizes:

  • 2.2 gram jar – ON SALE = $79! Save over $50! Limited Quantity!

  • 10 gram jar – $349.90 ($34.99/gram)

  • 20 gram jar – $599.80 ($29.99/gram)

  • 30 gram jar – $749.70 ($24.99/gram)

Bulk pricing available with a minimum order of 1000 grams. Additional price breaks above 1 kilo. Contact us for larger orders.

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