The Crown Organic Hemp Farm Reviews

Great taste

Since Texas has archaic cannabis laws, it’s difficult to find anything like I get when I’m in Colorado. However, this tastes exactly like something I would buy there. The terpenes make the aftertaste makes you feel like you’re puffing on a high % THC cartridge unlike some other CBD oils at mom and pop shops in Houston and the full spectrum (.3% TH.

Best CBD oil I’ve had

On Organic Hemp Flower Nectar, CBD-Rich Oil Drops, Organic Black Seed Oil

M. Hunt
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Pretty good stuff

Smooth, surprisingly nice flavor.

On Sweet Cake – CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Rolled Joints, Indica, Rest, Trimmed Indoor Flower Buds, Ultra Premium, 2 Pack

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Tasty smoke, smooth and not harsh in my vaporizer. Relaxed yet alert, warm buzz. I normally lean towards sativas and if you do too… Try this one out!

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On Sour Gummi – 16% CBD, 18.1% Total Cannabinoids, Sweet, Gummy, Earth, Hybrid-Balance, Greenhouse Grown

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